Scott Avery, North Jersey Customs

Scott Avery is the man behind the machines at North Jersey Customs.  Not only is he the founder of North Jersey Customs, but he is the designer and head fabricator for the company.

As a child growing up, Scott had an infatuation with anything that had an engine or wheels.  He had mini bikes, go-carts and eventually progressed to motorcycles.

As a teenager, Scott began building street performance cars and started his career as auto mechanic.  At the young age of 22, he opened his auto repair shop, the shop is still thriving and continues to grow today.

Through the years, Scott's passion for speed and performance intensified and led him into race cars and race car fabrication.  His fabrication skills were honed over many years of hard work. 

Eventually, his interests returned to his childhood roots with the purchase of his first street bike.  Soon after he purchased his first Harley, he found himself not only modifying his own bikes but his friends and then customers as well.

One day, space became available right next door to his auto repair shop and the picture became clear.  Scott decided that the timing was right and that he would take over the space and open a bike shop.

Scott created North Jersey Customs and along with the help of a few close friends and family members, the shop was built...


North Jersey Customs has everything from parts and acccessories to cleaning and detailing supplies, apparel and more. If we dont have what you are looking for, we can usually have it in a day or two. We are dealers for all the major distributors, Drag Specialties, Bikers Choice, Kuryakyn and many more. We are also dealers for many independent manufactures of high quality components.


North Jersey Customs specializes in customizing, service work and repairs for Harleys and custom bikes. Our services range from periodic maintenance to fully customized show winners. We also have an in-house machine shop capable of producing one off parts as well as our line of custom parts.


Directions to the store are here

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